We've taken up sailing!

We've bought our first boat and taken up sailing. It's Tim's dream, and Nikki's feeling that she needs to be involved so Tim doesn't do something stupid pursuing his dream.

Well, with the boat (a 14' racing sloop) docked at our first sailing lesson within the first few seconds of boarding the boat Tim managed to capsize it and "turtle" it.

Apparently the water in the Forebay is super cold as once Tim went in and managed to float back to the top (yes, wearing a quality PFD as is the norm) he was freezing and engulfed with terror.

Anyway, when that experience was out of the way (and the boat was retrieved and drained) and we got under sail we had a beautiful evening sail and fell in love with it.  We are actually working on purchasing a 25' weekend sailor.

The funny thing about all this is that while we both love sailing and Nikki loves the water, Tim is terrified of the water and isn't the best swimmer.  I guess that means that he'll just be extra careful to not capsize the little sailboat ever again.

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