We Have No More "Children"

It's been an odd time around the house here lately.  Seasons have been changing both weather-wise and life-wise.

Our youngest "child" Tyler turned 18 a few days back.  It's something we always joked about looking forward to as it signaled a return to that "BK" (Before Kids) life that we had that seemed so fun in memories.

But, after nearly 20 years of us making the kids our focus it just seems so odd that it is coming to an end.  The thing is that it truly has been a joy raising children and for the most part, it seems we were pretty good at it.

Sure we look forward to motorcycle touring again, those weekends where we just decide to "go somewhere" which is anywhere, and sometimes just simply doing nothing.  But, it's like stepping off a merry-go round... even though it has stopped, you still anticipate the movement.

I guess things are a little pre-mature as Number-One-Son doesn't graduate yet and he'll still live at home while doing time at the local community college.  It just seemed to hit us as the weather is changing along with other major changes.

Anyway, we are adventurers.  That's what has made it so fun for us the last couple decades and some change.  It's time to face the new adventures and see what's around the next corner.

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