Semi-annual Update?

I don't mean to neglect this site, it is just that life happens.  At least now, we experience life in true seasons and with each coming and going season, there is more work to be done.

Right now we are in Spring and it is truly living up to its name as springs are springing everywhere.  We live on edge at the top of a mountain that is flat on top with hundreds of acres of cow pasture.

Snaky Acres in early Spring
What this means is that all the water that is taken into the ground on the top of the mountain creates a nice water table.  We have a rather nice year round spring that creates a creek and also fills our cistern.  This year though the heavy rains have not ceased and not only is our main spring springing, but the little "wet spots" are now constantly running and some places I need to use equipment are still too wet to work.

Snaky Acres from the air now that the trees are leafing up.

This too will pass though and the springs will eventually calm down and we'll move onto Summer.  Summer will bring more changes and more work such as grooming the trails and keeping up with the ever-growing lawn and clearings.  Before we know it trees will start dropping leaves and we'll move into preparing for Winter.

It's not like before where we had a little bit of a wet season between the heat and fire season.  Seeing the seasons come and go though does make one consider the seasons of life and where you are in that big picture.  Perhaps that's why folks out here seem more mindful of both the seasons of nature and the seasons of life.  I guess given some time, maybe I'll catch some of that wisdom that I so greatly admired in my own Ozark-American elders.  I can only hope so.

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