Back to Arkansas

Bought our secluded dream home with acreage in North Central Arkansas.  Time to get back to a natural state in the Natural State (and out of the insane state of California.)


How time flies

Nikki and I both have this picture on our Facebooks which is kind of funny.  It was taken about a dozen years or so past at a friends birthday party.

At the time this was taken it seemed like we'd been married a long time.  Looking back we were only about half way to where we are now.

About a quarter century down now, and hopefully after another quarter century we'll be sitting on a porch somewhere in our rockers watching grandkids (and/or great-grandkids) chasing lightnin' bugs.


We're good!

We are outside the area of mandatory evacuation and are well prepared.  We are in the red circle in the upper right of the following map:

The town of Oroville is pretty much shut down though and there were reports of looting last night.

It's really odd how quiet thing are outside right now.  Nobody leaving for work, etc.  Just kind of surreal.  


A Young Adventurer

One of the things we tried to do with our children was to take them on many adventures.  This included historical places, events, etc.

Well, the newest adventurer in the lineage is this little fellow, the first grandson!

Loved watching him explore the boat,  claiming the quarter-berth as his own heading all the way back to the transom and giggling.

Can't wait to take him on his first sailing trip and hopefully start a life-long obsession for him.